According to Gremio's official news, the team's defender and Argentine international Canneman tested positive for the new crown and will undergo a 15-day quarantine. This means that Canneman, who was selected for the Argentine national team's October World Qualifiers list, will not be able to report to the national team.


Gremio’s official announcement stated that the club learned about the results of the 81 samples of the new crown nucleic acid test conducted last Sunday on Tuesday, local time. Among them, there were two positive cases. The two players infected with the new crown were defender Kaneman and Jerome You. According to the regulations of the relevant medical department, they will be required to undergo a 15-day quarantine.

格雷米奥(Gremio)的官方声明指IM体育最新版下载出,俱乐部了解到当地时间上周日星期二进行的81次新冠状核酸测试样品的结果。其中,有两个积极案例。感染了新王冠的两名球员是后卫Kaneman和Jerome You。根据相关医疗部门的规定,将要求他们进行15天隔离。

This means that Canneman, who was previously selected for the Argentina national team's October World Preliminary Qualifiers list, will not be able to report to the national team.


On October 9th and 13th, local time, Argentina will usher in two world preliminaries, namely against Ecuador at home and Bolivia away.


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